Wednesday, November 20, 2019

What I Wore October 12th

As I said, Lee and I went out on October 12th to meet friends. I had had a quiet day putting a zine together, and only showered at 3pm just before we needed to leave. I wasn't sure what to where, but we've recently been going through my clothes - yet again - and I had remembered this dress.

It is such a bright pink, it's really fun. I usually wear it with a black cardigan but decided to put a black t-shirt on underneath instead. This actually worked out really well I think. It was quite warm in the restaurant so I was glad that I wasn't wearing a cardigan.

I love the palm print on the dress. I've had it about five years, if not longer. I don't wear it often and it's really more of a summer dress, but Lee likes the bright colour too so I put it on. I don't often wear swing dresses anymore and I find the shape quite weird on me. My body has changed shape over the last couple of years and I left the house feeling a bit self-conscious.

On our drive over I messaged a friend and said I was feeling a bit rubbish. That helped massively. Just someone hearing what I was saying and knew what I meant really helped. Plus I was sitting down most of the time in the restaurant anyway! It was fine, and I got over it, but I'm sharing this story to show that even though I wear some outlandish stuff and even though I always look like I don't care, sometimes I do feel self-conscious too.

The top and leggings are both from Simply Be, the dress is from Yours. Not sure where the belt is from, I got it from a clothes swap!

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