Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Afternoon Tea in Sheffield

After we got back from holiday we went out the next day for afternoon tea in Sheffield. We had been given a voucher as a present at our vow renewal by our friends Claire and Sandra, which was really lovely. It was for Jameson's tea room on Abbeydale, which we've never been to. We rang up to book a table and I was glad because it was quite busy when we arrived.

The day before there had been loads of rain and a lot of flooding across South Yorkshire. Lots of people got stuck in Meadowhall for hours because of the flooding around there. So we set off on the Friday in plenty of time, and decided to go down the Parkway as that is higher ground and is usually okay. It was, so we got there about ten to one.

Jameson's is quite posh! It's got linen tablecloths and vintage china, which was lovely. We had a few choices in the afternoon tea - what kind of sandwiches, what flavour of scone, and then which cake. They had about fifteen cakes, including vegan and gluten free choices, so we were spoilt for choice! I choice all the vegetarian sandwiches - egg, cheese, and cream cheese and cucumber - a fruit scone, and a piece of chocolate Malteser cake. We both chose decaf coffee and got a cold drink too.

The sandwiches were lovely and fresh. The scone came with lots of clotted cream and strawberry jam, but the scone was a bit dry, I thought. The cake was absolutely delicious - really moist and with a delicious buttercream in the middle. We really enjoyed it, it was a lovely present and I will definitely go back!

We went home via Hillsborough and had to drive through a couple of really deep puddles, but it was fine!


Scones and cake - Lee had chocolate orange cake. We had a bit of each other's, but I preferred mine

Lovely Lee

And here's me!

And here's one of the very deep puddles!

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