Friday, December 27, 2019

My New Jacket

By the time you read this, Christmas will be over and the 2020s will be days away from beginning. That makes me feel really old! It feels bonkers!

Anyway, I had been looking for a jacket for ages. I usually just wear my hoodie, but sometimes it's just not smart enough. I really want a new coat, but can't currently afford one - I'm hoping that the January sales might yield something! I had been on Crazy Clearance though, looking for one.

As you may know, Crazy Clearance sells Simply Be stuff only a couple of seasons later, and at really low prices. They may not have every size in stock, but I narrow it down by my size when I'm looking for something. I browsed all the Joe Browns stuff because I find it expensive on Simply Be, and I ordered a bunch of pieces to try on. I ordered a short coat which must have been mislabelled because it was tiny and wouldn't have fitted me. I also ordered this turqoise biker jacket.

I wasn't sure if it would fit but I thought I would take the chance. It's a really soft fabric, not very structured, and it's got a stretch to it. I put it on and it fitted, and zipped up. The sleeves are a bit big, but I decided that didn't matter as I really liked it. I put it on straight away to go out to Sheffield.

It's really warm, so even though it's only hip length it was nice in the cold weather. I'll definitely be wearing it over the winter! I posted a picture on my instagram and got a bunch of really lovely comments, so I think it must look nice! It was just £23.50 on Crazy Clearance, which is a total bargain!

I love the colour and the collar, and it has zipped pockets which is really good!

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