Sunday, December 22, 2019

Yorkshire Dales Trip - Day 4

On the Wednesday of our trip we weren't sure what to do. However I had seen a sign for Pateley Bridge so suggested we went there. We have been before but it was years ago - it was with my mum and dad, and my dad died in 2008 so it was definitely before that! We set off in the rain but it was only spitting when we arrived. We parked and walked up the hill as I had spotted a hot chocolate cafe and I thought we should get a drink!

Cocoa Joe's is right on the main street and serves just hot drinks - mostly hot chocolate but they have tea and coffee too. They have eleven different types of chocolate to choose from, from white chocolates to 100% dark chocolate, and a bunch of different things to put in. They use the chocolate to melt into hot milk, but you can taste it first. I went for a 64% dark Peruvian chocolate with orange in it, and it was so nice. Dark, but not too dark, and really zingy with the orange. The owner, Joe, was really enthusiastic and nice, I recommend it if you're ever in the area!

We went into a bunch of shops, buying a few bits. I treated myself to a nice scented candle, I do love a scented candle! Then, I said I really wanted chips, so we went into the Crown Inn for lunch. It is a bit of a rough and ready pub, but the food was homemade and so good. I went for garlic mushrooms with toast, and chips. Lee had a tuna sandwich and chips - he ate tuna every day that we were away. He eats mostly vegetarian at home with me, but often chooses chicken or fish if we're out somewhere. Which I definitely don't mind, I don't really care what he eats, I'm just glad we cook vegetarian at home and eat the same thing.

We didn't stay loads later in Pateley Bridge, we just went back to the flat and watched TV. We did however go to the Black Horse pub for a drink later on, which was again really nice. That's where we had lunch last time we were in Grassington, but it's changed the layout since we were there before. Their menu is a bit more vegetarian friendly so next time, we'll go there.

On the Thursday we just packed up and came home. They were actually filming on Thursday and Friday so I was sitting in the window seat watching that first thing. All the vintage costumes were gorgeous, but it was throwing it down with rain so we could also see them all standing around with their modern coats and umbrellas! It was fun to see, really interesting.

I love Grassington - it has really cute amenities and shops, and it's all in walking distance. I really recommend it if you've never been, there's enough to do for a couple of days, it's a good break! I think we'll be back as I find it easy to navigate, and the flat was really nice so I would definitely go back there!

This archway in Pateley Bridge was so cute and small

Hot chocolate! Lee chose 45% milk chocolate and also had orange in his

Lovely Lee

This was the side of the sweet shop

Which is apparently the oldest one in England!

Garlic mushrooms, they were SO garlicky!

Back in Grassington, the ladies' clothes shop had been turned into the ironmongers!

And it had this sign on it

We went into the craft shop in Grassington at this point, which you would think would be my thing, but the men behind the counter were talking about the "dolly birds" from the TV production company, which I found really disrespectful, so I quickly left and didn't spend any money there. It really disappointed me

Back in the flat we had bunting up at our window!

And tons of bunting around what they had made into a makeshift animal pen

This is on Thursday when filming was going on. Doesn't it look fantastic? Look at that old truck on the left. Also, all the cast coats had been stashed in the back of that Punch & Judy cart

There was a donkey and some goats! 

See the cast members in their costumes?

The roundabout was going round too, making a lovely jangly noise

And then they led a bull across! Bonkers!

I bought this wire wrapped piece of sea glass for myself in one of the gift shops in the village :)

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