Monday, December 2, 2019

A Cross Stitch Scene for Me

Towards the end of October I finally finished this huge cross stitch piece that I've been working on on and off since January. It was a Caterpillar Cross Stitch stitch-along and I bought the kit plus the patterns released monthly via pdf. I knew I wouldn't keep up monthly, but also, I knew that was okay and I would get it finished eventually. Lee has been printing off the patterns each month for me and I've been working on it bit by bit. I took it to craft club for quite a few weeks, and everyone there thought the design was really pretty. For me, I love that Sally's designs are really modern and don't require any half stitches or back stitch, two things which really annoy me! For that reason, they're really good for beginners. The kits are a little expensive but you get everything included and more thread than you would ever need.

I finally finished the last bit - the jellyfish - on a Tuesday night, desperate to get it done before I went to bed. You can see where the hoop was even. I don't iron my cross stitch (I don't iron anything in life!) but I'm hoping that when I get this framed the creases will stretch out.

My favourite bits here are the umbrella, the beach huts, the starfish, the oyster, and the lollipop. It is such a cute scene but I think I will definitely do some smaller bits of it in future for gifts. As for this one, it's all for me!

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