Monday, December 30, 2019

What I Wore November 10th

One Sunday in the middle of November Lee and I went to Leeds to see our friends Leanne and Adi. We haven't seen them for a while, so we had made plans to go to their house for lunch.

It was at the end of our week of holiday, and as I had done a lot while we were away I was really in pain and tired. Plus the bed on holiday wasn't ideal for me and I hadn't slept well. I woke up early, but took a bit of a while to get going. I showered and got ready but we were a bit late setting off. Leanne didn't mind, which was good, but I'm sharing the story just to say that just because I look okay doesn't mean I'm not in pain. Chronic illness and pain suck, and really take it out of you!

Anyway, Leanne and Adi and their baby A were pleased to see us. They made lunch and we chatted for ages about all kinds of things. It was a really lovely afternoon.

I was wearing this new burgundy skirt from New Look. I saw it on someone on Instagram and thought, ooh that's lovely, I need to have that immediately. It was only about £24 and while I don't often wear midi length skirts I liked it so much that I thought I would keep it. I love the colour and the silky feel of the material.

I had already decided that it would look best with tights, so I put on my plain black ones from Snag Tights. I love them, they fit me really well. I also pulled out this black top, which I think came from Everything5Pounds originally, although I haven't worn it in ages. I like black with this colour. It felt like a comfortable but somewhat dressy outfit, and I liked it!

The skirt has an elasticated waist at the back, which gives it a nice shape at the front. It's pleated and I love the colour

And here's my outfit in full!

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