Saturday, March 31, 2018

Day Trip to Leicester - Day 2

On the Sunday morning in Leicester I woke up early but let Von sleep in the living room for a bit longer as she'd had a wisdom tooth removed just a few days before and hadn't been sleeping well. Once we were all awake we made some breakfast - bacon and egg baps! So delicious. Then we had breakfast dessert of brownie pie which was so delicious. It came from Iceland and I'll have to set if I can get one. We had a nice late check out of 12pm, so we got dressed and ready and left the apartment.

We first of all headed to the Abbey Pumping Station Museum which used to be the city's sewage works and which had a ton of cool stuff in it. There's a lot of stuff about sewage (more interesting than you might think), but also a lot of Victorian stuff about Leicester. It was really interesting, I'd recommend it if you're in the area. Plus it's free!

Some photos (well, lots of photos) from this museum... I'll let most of them speak for themselves.

Me and Jac and Sam and Von

I love old tickets and ephemera like that!

A tram seat! The back flips so that the passengers can always face the way the tram is travelling

While I'm sure I wouldn't want to use this washing machine, I do love the look of it

How cute is this little trike?

Inspecting how a toilet works, like you do

A Victorian sewage pipe

Lots of typewriters for fans of them!

Next we headed to the Framework Knitters Museum, which isn't open very often. This day it turned out to be open especially because of the snowdrops in the garden! We were by far the youngest people there but it was fun. The museum itself isn't huge but a nice man told us about being a framework knitter apprentice, we looked at the snowdrops, and we walked round the house. Here's some photos from the museum:

I love old adverts too

I was very taken by the floor pattern in the house too

As a lacemaker and crocheter I was intrigued by how this stocking was made

And I really liked this special sock made for the local mayor

And here are the gorgeous snowdrops!

After the museum we went to a pub next door which turned out to be really odd, but the food was nice enough. And cheap! So that was good. Then unfortunately it was time to go home. We dropped Von off at the station and then drove home. 

I had such a lovely time - I love weekends like this!

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