Monday, March 12, 2018

What I Wore February 10th

As I said previously, we headed to Glossop to see friends at the beginning of February and I made a bit of an effort with my outfit and face, so here's a post about them.

We recently sorted out our whole bedroom, getting rid of my dressing table and replacing it with a chest of drawers in order to have more storage space. We went through all of my clothes, which meant that I rediscovered loads of old favourites that I really want to wear again. I also bought myself some acrylic storage for make up, so I can now see my make up much more clearly, which has made me determined to wear more of it. Hang on, let me show you the new storage solutions! (Do I sound like a proper professional blogger now?)

There are three different sets here - the thing that holds brushes, the thing that has nail stuff and cotton wool pads in it, and then the bigger unit towards the back, which actually comes in three parts. There's big drawers on the bottom holding palettes, smaller drawers in the middle holding blushers, compacts, and little eyeshadows, and the thing on top which holds lipsticks, mascaras, and a few other bits. I'm totally in love with this set up! I may get another of the bigger units at some point, but at the moment it works really well. I LOVE being able to see everything. I went through all my make up and binned a load of old stuff, and my mum bought me a few nice new bits for my birthday.

On the left is this see through box which holds all my hair clips/combs etc, and the dry shampoo in front of it which I don't use often but when I do I like to have it close at hand! Then there's a kitchen roll holder which I use to hold bangles on. I may move these at some point to next to the rest of my jewellery, but that's a work in progress at the moment

The drawers themselves. They were from Argos and have five big drawers and two small ones. I now have a whole drawer for knickers, a who drawer for bras, and a whole drawer for my comfy round the house clothes! It's amazing.

Anyway, I got rid of some clothes while we were going through them. Some I put aside to take to the March clothes swap in Sheffield, but some I put on eBay to try to make some money off them. Last time I did this they did really well so I'm hoping this lot will too. I found this netting skirt from Scarlett and Jo which I think I've only worn once before (despite loving it) and this t-shirt with an old school tattoo print on, so I paired them together and put my black cardigan over the top. Lee took my outfit photo when we got back and I think I look pretty terrible, but I thought I'd share the photo anyway. I liked this outfit, I felt pretty badass!

All in black which is unusual for me!

A better view of the skirt.

Because it was so cold I actually dried my hair, and was pretty pleased with how it looked. I finally feel like I like my hair again after about a year of hating it. I'm starting to go grey at the temple but I like it!

Ready to go out - my lipstick is from Illamasqua and is really dark. I love it! I could've used more blusher I think, but I kept it and my eyeshadow light

And here's Lee and I in the pub!

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