Monday, March 19, 2018

Photo an Hour - February

I quite often join in with the Photo An Hour that is organised by Louisa and Jane, but don't always post the photos here. I join in on Instagram there, so you can follow me there to see more! But I managed to keep going all day on Saturday 17th February, so I thought I'd share my photos here.

I was cuddling in bed with Lee and the cat. She'd been fed when Lee had to go down to answer the door to a post person about an hour earlier than this

We've been working really hard on decluttering the house, most especially the bedroom at the moment, so this is us sorting out the soft toys that live on top of Lee's set of drawers

I had a shower just before lunchtime because I was feeling really grimy and disgusting

This very cute vintage dressing table set belonged to my dad's mum, my grandma who I never knew. I love it, I think it's so cute. It's been buried under a load of stuff, but now it's got pride of place on my chest of drawers

My nails! This is Mottle by Illamasqua and it is gorgeous! It has tons of black bits in it which adhered really nicely to my nails. I will definitely wear this again. Also, my nails haven't been this long since autumn 2016, it's ridiculous

Just after this I went up to the attic to do some writing. Yes, a lot of letters have rubbed off my keyboard

I was watching Superstore, which is a really fun comedy starring America Ferrera, I would recommend it

Lee was adjusting my new office chair. It's great, but the back needed moving slightly. 

The sunset was really gorgeous - grey and pink and purple and orange. I can often see a really nice sunset from the attic.

There's actually a gap of a couple of hours here as we went to the pub, but when we got back we started making a cheesecake ready for our lunch guests the next day.

And finally, I was upstairs watching TV and drinking this - it's really nice!

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