Sunday, March 4, 2018

Visit to Rosie's Diner, Leeds

I'd read somewhere on the internet about Rosie's Diner in Leeds and kept thinking we should go, so at the beginning of February we booked a table for 6pm on a Saturday night and headed over. We had some problems finding the place, and then had to wait for a bit once we did get there, but eventually we got seated just in front of the kitchen. The whole place has far fewer tables than I expected, so I wasn't surprised that people were being turned away. Definitely book a table online if you want to go!

I was hoping for a few different kinds of soda to choose from, so I was quite disappointed by the limited choices. I went for a cherry coke, though, which is one of my favourites. Lee just had a lemonade. I would have liked a milkshake but I knew it would fill me up to much!

We ordered a blooming onion to share to start with. It's an onion covered in batter and deep fried, served with a dipping sauce. It's a bit like onion rings but the batter isn't as thick. We both really enjoyed it, so I'm glad we got it. Then for mains Lee ordered a chicken burger with just cheese and salad and pickles I think. I ordered a Mexicana burger and was expecting it to be beef, but it turned out to be a chicken burger too. It was fine and I enjoyed it, but I wasn't expecting it. I had sweet potato fries which were yummy.

Finally, for dessert, Lee had a brownie ice cream sundae and I had a birthday cake sundae. It was yummy - bits of birthday cake, chocolate and raspberry syrups, and vanilla ice cream. Really yummy! In all, our bill was just over £50 and I felt like we'd eaten well for that. But the service was a bit lacking and I felt like the whole place was a bit gimmicky without much substance to back it up. If I was in Leeds and someone suggested going I'd probably go, but I don't think I'd specifically make the trip there, if that makes sense? But it was nice to spend the evening with Lee :)

You can actually eat inside the bus. While we were there, there was a birthday party in it, but it looked like fun

The kitchen

The blooming onion

My burger, relish, and sweet potato fries

I loved this napkin dispenser, I would love one for home!

My sundae - the sprinkles were fun!

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