Saturday, March 24, 2018

What I Wore 18th February

On the 18th of February Lee's mam and stepdad came down from Durham for Sunday lunch and to see us. Lee makes a really excellent Sunday dinner, and we made a baked chocolate cheesecake for after. It tasted nice, but the recipe was weird, so I don't think we'll make it again.

We also invited my mum, stepdad, and grandma. They all arrived about 1pm, by which time we'd got most things ready or nearly cooked, and we'd set the table. It was another excuse to use my best china, which I love. One of these days I will just make it the daily use china, I swear, but it's so beautiful that I want to keep it for best.

We had roast chicken with roast potatoes, roast carrots, roast parnsips, mashed potato, stuffing, Yorkshire puddings, and mange tout. For afterwards we served the baked chocolate cheesecake with single cream. It was really nice to host people!

I wore another Scarlett & Jo dress, this one has pockets which I really like, and I love the flowers too. I've decided to try to wear more make up this year, so I wore some pale eyeshadow and this very bright pink lipstick. It's just by Rimmel so nothing fancy, but I like it a lot!

Worn here with my very glamorous slippers, what can I say?

This look made my eyes pop really blue! I have blue eyes with a bit of green, I like them

Cheesecake! It baked nicely but didn't crack on top

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