Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bank Holiday Monday

We were having a heatwave on the first May Bank Holiday and I loved it. I thrive in the sun and didn't want to sit inside doing nothing. I was pretty tired from Northwest Zinefest the day before, but wanted to get out, so we just went along to Pot House Hamlet which is really close to our house. I've been there a lot of times for lunch, but we decided to just get an ice cream each and sat on the steps eating them.

We had a bit of a gap under our fence and we were worried Ivy would be able to crawl underneath it (I'm pretty sure she would fit, I just don't think SHE knows that...) so we wanted to buy a shrub to put there. We bought one and also some new plants for the planters we got last year.

When we got home it was so sunny so I sat outside reading for a little bit. Ivy was wandering in and out, mostly lying in the shade. I got too hot so sat inside with Lee for a bit, but then as it go to about 3.30pm it was cool enough to sit outside.

We'd invited my mum and stepdad over for tea, they arrived about 4.30. We all sat outside and my mum made us plant the new plants. She and I had some wine and Lee cooked some really yummy food. We sat inside to eat but we had the door open to let the breeze in. Lee is very seriously considering buying a paddling pool to put his feet in over the summer!

I didn't take any outfit photos or even any photos of the new plants, because I was having a relaxing day and not really thinking about that. But I did take these two photos:

My ice cream - I had mint choc chip and vanilla, it was yummy!

There was only this one tiny cloud in the whole sky!

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