Saturday, May 19, 2018

Photo an Hour 28th April

Saturday 28th April was Photo An Hour again which I like to join in with over on my Instagram. Sometimes you end up documenting the most mundane of days, but I love that too. But this Saturday was quite busy for me, so here we go, I'll just post the photos:

We got up quite late, after lounging around for a bit together in bed. This was around 10

Lee made fried egg sandwiches for brunch, they're so simple but so delicious

Doing some crocheting. This is a birthday present for my mum for her 60th in May, I'll post when I've finished it. The colours are just lush

We've been cleaning all the windows in the house because they haven't been done in forever. The Velux window in the attic had had some glue stuck on it for years, but Lee managed to remove it with nail polish remover, so that's good. You can see me sitting down - this is where my desk lives in the attic. Hi! *waves*

Lee was photographing some stuff to put on eBay

The blanket seems to have really grown recently. I love the stacked shells at the top. It's now big enough to keep me really cosy while I crochet. I'm trying very hard to put some love into every stitch!

Around 5pm. I had been in the shower ready to go out

6pm, we were in Lush in Meadowhall. Lee wanted some new moisturiser for his face and also bought a solid shampoo bar. I love the salespeople in Lush, they're always really friendly and knowledgeable about the products

We headed up to Handmade Burger Co for food because Lee wanted milkshake. We haven't been there in ages so it was really nice

I had a beef burger with crushed avocado and bacon. Lee had a cajun chicken burger, and we shared some fries and some onion rings.

We headed into Sheffield to go to the Harley, because we were going to see Trampolene. I only know them because their lead singer Jack has been in Peter Doherty's band for a while now, so I thought I'd check them out. They're pretty good, they sound a bit like The Killers and a bit like 90s Britpop bands.

With Lee waiting for the main event

Trampolene! Honestly! We sat at the back because gigs make me really anxious, but we still had a decent view from there and I went forward for a few songs. Gigs in pubs are excellent for me because they're often small enough for me to really enjoy myself and not get too anxious

The band sounds a bit too big for such a small space, though, their sound is much more stadium rock. I actually think they'll go really far 

Around 11pm, on the way home

And finally, here's Ivy sitting on my bum in bed! Goodnight!

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