Friday, January 3, 2020

A Clothes Swap Cardigan

Hello, I'm writing to you from last decade, 2019! Gosh, doesn't life move so fast. I remember where I was for the dawn of 2000, do you? Happy New Year, anyway!

I picked this cardigan up at the clothes swap in Leeds back in August that Lee and I went to. It's a size 22, but cardigans are often looser, and with this style being that waterfall kind at the front, I tried it on and thought it fitted fine and would look nice. I forgot I'd picked it up for a while, but then in November I picked it up. The weather was dropping colder and my office at work is not the warmest of places. It does have a radiator but then it's too hot, so I turned it off. So I was tending to layer up, and this cardigan was perfect to do that with.

Plus it was free! I like spending my clothes money on fun clothes, not work appropriate clothes. So to pick up something plain like this to wear for work is ideal for me.

I want to link again to my post on Fast Fashion and the Plus Size Consumer, because I think my points are worth reiterating. It isn't easy to shop ethically as a fat person, so clothes swaps, which encourage reuse and recycling, are really good.

I took this photo when I got home around 3.30, so it isn't perfect, but it'll do.

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