Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Sunday Out in Sheffield

Robin Stevens, one of my favourite authors, was doing a signing at an independent children's bookshop in Sheffield, back in November. I immediately decided Lee and I would go, and then I said we should have something to eat for lunch afterwards. Lee agreed, so it was bright and early on a Sunday morning when we set off to Sheffield.

The bookshop, Rhyme and Reason, is on Eccleshall Road, and it's really lovely. It's absolutely crammed with books and I'll definitely have to go back and have a proper browse. Robin did a little reading then signed her books. I waited until the end because it was just me and then lots of small girls, and I didn't want them to wait for me, that's not fair. Lee and I had a nice chat to Robin - she's very, very lovely. I got all of my books signed (there's ten and I own them all!) and by the time we had finished it was still only half past ten!

It was a little bit early for lunch so we decided to go to Graze Inn, where we went in the summer with Bettie and Jen for brunch. We liked the food before and indeed, I had the same thing, a vegetarian breakfast. Lee had eggs Benedict but without bacon. If you're having brunch then you get free toast and juice which is nice and appreciated.

We got home at about half past twelve, meaning I could relax for the rest of the day, which I really needed as I was coming down with something.

I wore my burgundy Scarlett & Jo Lollidot dress with hearts on, it's one of my favourite dresses and although it's thin cotton it's fine to wear in the winter with a cardigan on.

Robin reading part of her latest book

Look how beautiful the book set up was!

Robin was SO gentle with her young readers, which I really loved

Me and Robin - her dress had tiny macarons on it!

My nail polish was Nails Inc Carlton Gardens. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I think it looks better from afar than it does up close. I like the colour

Breakfast! Poached eggs, garlic mushroom, a veggie sausage, a chargrilled avocado, a potato rosti, and halloumi sticks

I took this when I got home but you get the idea. I was wearing leggings but had taken them off already

I got a bookmark and a badge and the only book that I didn't have, which I bought in the bookshop

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