Sunday, January 26, 2020

Two Meals Out in December

I went out twice in mid December for delicious meals. The first night, Lee and I had to go to Sheffield for something so afterwards we went to Saigon 68 to eat. We've been lots of times. It's a very delicious Vietnamese restaurant and the food is cheap, delicious, and plentiful. We always end up bringing home leftovers because you get loads.

I haven't been since I went vegetarian, so I went for the fake chicken Vietnamese stir fry with egg noodles. It is so delicious, I ate about half and brought the rest home. Lee and I also shared some salt and pepper tofu, which is extremely spicy and yummy!

Afterwards we went into the international supermarket just opposite. Lee bought a couple of different types of instant noodles, which he often eats for lunch. I bought a bunch of different types of fizzy pop that I either haven't tried before or haven't had for ages. I wrote a whole zine about fizzy pop that you can buy here. I love trying new types!

The next day I went to Leeds to meet my friend Laura to swap Christmas presents. We went to Bundobust, where I've never been before although Laura has. It is all vegetarian food and a lot of it is vegan, so I was excited to try. Laura and I walked round to it together, and were there as it opened meaning we easily got a table. It got really busy over lunch!

I went for bundo chaat, which is a chickpea salad with hard bits of chaat in it, served cold. I've had similar before and really like it, although it is often really spicy! I also ordered paneer tikka, which was paneer kebabs with mushroom and pepper, served with chutneys over them. I had puri bread to go with them, and I got a mango lassi too.

The paneer kebabs were really delicious and lovely, and the lassi was gorgeous. I will definitely go back! I bought a serving of onion bhajis to take home for Lee, who let me have one. It was really good!

Vegetarian chick*n Vietnamese stir fry

Salt and pepper tofu

The cans of pop I bought! I also bought some peach juice to drink with prosecco, hah

Inside Bundobust before it got busy. I like the aesthetic!

The wall next to me was covered in Indian ephemera

Lassi. I did take a picture of my bundo chaat but it was blurred and I didn't realise until later!

Paneer tikka

And some delicious puri!

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