Monday, January 13, 2020

Seeing Friends in Mirfield

At the end of November I got together with three of my four friends from 6th form college. It's not often the five of us manage to get together and unfortunately Michelle wasn't able to make it from London. But Ailsa was coming up from Didcot so me and Gillian and Amy made plans to see her.

We all went to Gillian's house in Mirfield. She made jacket potatoes and Ailsa had brought a three bean chilli and an avocado salsa which were both so good. I was beginning to feel better and could actually taste the food, which was delightful! We sat chatting for ages and then Ailsa had to go.

Gillian had baked gingerbread, including vegan gingerbread for Amy, and then she made royal icing (again with some vegan - made with aqua faba - for Amy) and we made really little and cute gingerbread houses. I'm not very artistic with things like this but I enjoyed gluing together with the icing and using all the sprinkles to make them look pretty.

I was wearing my hand tie-dyed top, originally a white t-shirt from Simply Be, and my Scarlett & Jo skirt with this gorgeous yellow pattern. I thought they looked really good together, very bright and colourful. I also put this pastel heart bracelet on - I've had it forever but don't wear it often. It is very 90s mosher aesthetic, don't you think? 15 year old me would have worn this every day of her life!

I also put on my rainbow lace sparkly trainers from the vow renewal. Ailsa hadn't seen them before and loved them!

Ever so carefully decorating our little houses

Mine - I do love the sprinkles!

Rainbow shoes

I still wasn't at a hundred percent but I think I was looking a lot better than I had been

Very cute little bracelet that matched the outfit

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