Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Christmas Trip to Wentworth Garden Centre

In December Lee and I were supposed to be going to York to meet his mum and stepdad and go round the Christmas markets, but unfortunately they had to cancel. Lee wanted to have the day off anyway, so I said we should go to Wentworth Garden Centre in Rotherham. It's always nice to go close to Christmas; we did it a couple of years ago and had a nice lunch. So we set off just before 11.

We first of all went round the shop, looking at all the nice gift things they have. The Christmas shop was next, which is huge, and which has a million baubles of all different price ranges. I could have spent a fortune, but I just bought a star shaped door decoration and a glass bauble for the tree.

We went into the cafe at just after 12. I knew it would be heaving and it was, so we queued up for ages. It was fine, really. Lee went for a hot turkey and stuffing sandwich with roast potatoes, and I went for a goat's cheese and mushroom panini. Unfortunately it wasn't that nice, it was a bit too full of cheese and mushroom. We had also got cake, but were both too full to eat them, so we took them with us to eat at home.

Next we went into the pet centre and looked at the hamsters and fish, and then we paid to go into the petting zoo where there's tons of animals! It was absolutely pouring it down, but it was still nice anyway. I liked the meerkats best, Lee liked the llama.

After we had finished in the zoo we came home, we both needed to relax for the rest of the day, but I'm glad we had got out and had a nice time.

This tree in the Christmas shop was SO TWEE, I loved it! I wanted mermaid and starfish baubles, but Lee wouldn't have it

We did both like this Christmassy scene though. I love the roundabout

Peppermint hot chocolate

My delicious orange torte

Lee's orange hot chocolate - I preferred mine

Syrian hamsters in the pet shop


Axolotl - these are so weird but I love them

More fish!

And more!

The llama was so cute, he just did not care

These are pygmy goats

And a Shetland pony - the daughter to the one below

She let Lee stroke her


Look at the foxes on the shelf! They were orphaned when their mother died so were handreared by the centre and now live there

Guinea pigs! 


More goat

Look at the tiny piglets

And their mum

And ducks!

And finally the meerkats, this one was under the heat lamp

So majestic, I love them

Can you see both of them under the other lamp?

And this is what I wore, which I blogged about recently so I won't bore you with it again!

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