Thursday, March 26, 2020

What I Wore 27th February

I had plans with my friends Katie and Sheryl on one Thursday evening in February. We go out to eat in Wakefield every few months, and it felt like it had been ages since I'd seen them. Then Katie said that she needed to be at home with her kids on the Thursday evening so could we go round to hers. That was fine by me - she said she would cook a pizza and I took some snacks and wine with me. She had been a bit stressed about cooking and I said it didn't matter - I would be happy eating crisps and dip because it's about the company really isn't it! We ended up drinking gin until ten thirty, way past bedtime!

I pulled this dress off the hooks to wear. I haven't worn it in ages. I got it from Simply Be absolutely years ago. It's similar to other dresses I own, but the material is more scuba like. The sleeves are lace which I really like. It's really comfortable to wear and I'll have to not leave it so long until I wear it again next time!

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