Saturday, March 14, 2020

Films of the Month - January

I had a slow start to the year film-wise. I didn't watch any films until the tenth of the month because I was really busy catching up with TV from Christmas. After that though I made quite a concerted effort to watch a film every day. I had quite a few days at home and found some new films to watch. I'm kind of sick of scrolling through what I already have - I think I need to go through my files and delete what I definitely don't want. Anyway, I watched some stuff I really wanted to see, which was good.

I had wanted to see Mrs Lowry & Son for ages, so finally got round to it. Vanessa and Timothy are both great, but I felt it fell a little flat

Lee and I watched Toy Story 4 again, it's really good

I have been working on a zine about musicals, so I watched Oliver! which was one of my favourites as a kid. I didn't love it on my rewatch, though

Someone on Twitter reminded me of Booksmart, which I hadn't seen. I loved it, I thought it was really good and if I was a teenager I would love it even more

I was reminded about Downsizing too, which I had liked from the trailer. It's a really bizarre film, I felt like it could have gone further in some areas than it did, and I didn't really like the ending. Still, I'm glad I've seen it

I have never seen Dreamgirls so I watched it. Beyonce is good, Jamie Foxx I can take or leave. It looks and sounds good, though.

Lee and I went out to see The Personal History of David Copperfield on one of our dates. We both really enjoyed it. It's funny and a bit surreal. Dev Patel is great, and Peter Capaldi and the supporting cast was good too. Plus it has colour blind casting which I really liked

I used to watch Downton Abbey but gave up about three seasons in. I decided to watch the film anyway, I think it's a bit crap actually. It's not as well done as the series. I did like seeing some of the amazing characters again, but I won't bother watching it again

Again, I wanted to see Grease as I was writing about it for my zine. I do love it in a kitschy way. Kenickie is my favourite

Lee and I have been watching Mark Kermode talking about different genres of film, like "the heist movie" and "the rom com". It's a really good series, I would recommend it. Anyway he mentioned this as a rom com and I love Brittany Murphy but haven't ever seen this film. It's cute. Baby Dakota Fanning is very cute

Finally Lee wanted to watch X Men First Class so we did. I don't really like it compared to Days of Future Past or even Apocalypse. Kevin Bacon is good, though! 

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