Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Lunch Out on 30th September

At the very end of September I met up with my friend Pippa for lunch. She had recently been to the Blue Moon Cafe in Sheffield with a mutual friend of ours and I was reminded that I haven't been there in absolutely years so said we should meet up there. I got confused though and thought we were meeting at 12, so I arrived just before that, but I was over an hour early! Whoops. I had a hot chocolate though and finished my book, so it wasn't time wasted. My hot chocolate was made with oat milk and was completely vegan!

Blue Moon is a vegetarian cafe with plenty of vegan options and their salads are amazing. I often get homity pie when I go there, which is a potato, onion, leek and cheese pie, but I decided to go for tempura mushrooms instead. But I did get a slice of homity pie to take home for tea the next day. I really recommend the cafe for delicious lunch in Sheffield. It's right by the cathedral so ideally placed. 

On the way out I bought a slice of pie and two brownies, as I was popping to see my friend Sarah on the way home. Her baby was then nearly 6 months old and she is SO CUTE! The cutest baby ever. We had a cuddle and bopped her nose and played on the floor. 

I really will have to go back to the Blue Moon soonish, not leaving it so long again! 

Delicious oat milk hot chocolate with vegan marshmallows and squirty cream

Tempura mushrooms and salad

With sweet potato fries and vegan garlic mayo - I think my whole meal was vegan! 

Baby R who is very good at rolling over!

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