Tuesday, December 7, 2021

What I Wore 25th September

On 25th September my auntie Chris (not my real auntie, she worked with my mum at the woollen mill Sirdar in the late 70s and they've been in touch ever since) and her husband Jon had a party to celebrate their 65th birthdays. The party was planned for April 2020 but has been cancelled and postponed a number of times, obviously thanks to Covid. But finally it could go ahead, so Lee and I and my mum and stepdad were excited to go.

Only then my mum ended up in A&E with my grandma, who was feeling dizzy and thanks to her pacemaker 111 told her to go to A&E. So my mum took her, but messaged me, saying she was hoping to make the party for the last hour. It was about 6pm on the Saturday and I told her she had no chance of leqaving A&E before midnight at least because just of how it is at the moment. So we decided Lee would go to the hospital to stay with my grandma, and my mum and stepdad would come to the party. Lee dropped me off at the party and I talked to Chrissy's eldest daughter Charlotte, and then one of Jon's cousins who had come up from Bristol. She was lovely, it was nice to make a new friend! I knew someone else there too - someone else who used to work at Sirdar - so I sat with her until my mum and stepdad arrived around 8pm. There was food and wine and we all had a good time.

Meanwhile my grandma started feeling better, and there were 11 people in front of her in A&E, and there was nothing wrong with her pacemaker, so Lee decided to take her home. We all met there around 11pm and made sure my grandma was okay before coming home. I'm so glad my mum got to go to the party - it meant a lot to both her and Chrissy!

I wore this Yours clothing dress that I like for a fancy occasion and I love the green of it too. I pulled out these bottle green brogues that I've had for ages to wear too. I can't wear them for long as they start to pinch, but they're ideal for a party and match this dress really well!

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