Sunday, December 12, 2021

What I Wore 29th September

On 29th September Lee and I headed out for tea to meet Bettie and Jen in Sheffield. We haven't seen them since March when we met up at Rivelin Valley Park, so it was beyond time to see them and catch up. Bettie suggested Mount Lebanon on West Street so we met there after work. They have tons of vegetarian starters but not many veggie main dishes, so I went for feta salad to start with and then the vegetarian mezze platter for mains, even though it's really a starter. Bettie did the same thing, the waiter was amenable to it!

The food was delicious - I loved the sharp salad and feta, and the falafel on the main was so good. I would go back there again.

I was wearing this New Look dress - it used to be black and white but ended up in the wash with something that made it not white anymore. I dyed it black but you can still see the stripes. I quite like the effect though so I wear the dress anyway. I pulled out my red cardigan from George at Asda to put on top. I think it's a good outfit!

Please excuse the mop and computer next to me in the photo - I know we need to get rid of both but we haven't got to the tip yet! So glamourous! 

Still wearing my Converse everywhere

Delicious feta salad

And the mezze platter - hummus, baba ganoush, falafel (heart shaped!), spicy potatoes, tabouleh, stuffed vine leaves. All so good!

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