Sunday, December 5, 2021

Trip to Oswaldtwistle - Day 5

We really didn't do much on the Wednesday of our trip! It was Dani's birthday so we just relaxed. We had pancakes for breakfast which was lovely, then leftovers for lunch. Sam and Jac and I went in the hot tub again and then I had another lovely bath. We were supposed to be going to the pub in the village but it turned out to be shut, so we went to a local Italian instead. It was lovely food! We didn't stay up late after we got back because we had to be up early the next day! I again slept upstairs in case the phantom phone started ringing again. There was a lovely mirror in there.

The next morning we just got packed up and set off home at 9am. I got home around 10.30 and went to bed for an hour as I was so tired! The kittens were so happy to see me, though! 

Sam had won a bath bomb off me at the Body Shop party the night before, so she used it in her bath after the hot tub

Alllll the pancake toppings

The sky just as we set out for tea

All of us in the restaurant

I had deep fried Brie to start with which was lovely

Then I had baked gnocchi which was lovely but seemed to never end! I didn't eat it all

Then I had tiramisu which was lovely

I had INNOCENTLY MENTIONED that it was Dani's birthday and when the waiter brought her dessert it had a candle and he sang happy birthday! It was very cute

I was wearing my Scarlett & Jo 'party frock' which I love, I wear it a lot for a nice night out

And here's the fancy mirror in the little bedroom!

It was a lovely few days away with friends

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