Thursday, December 30, 2021

What I Wore 16th October

This is what I wore to go out with Sam. I was just browsing my dresses and spied this pink Lindy Bop dress that I've had forever, so I pulled it out. I was looking for my black cardigan to wear with it, but I couldn't find it (we had recently done SO much washing, it seemed to pile up from before and after our holiday) but I spied my Beth Ditto heart print cardigan so I pulled that out. I like the clash of prints and colours, I think it works. I put on my cropped leggings - just after this was when it dropped colder so this might be the last wearing of the cropped leggings this year - and my Dr Marten shoes. I've had them forever but only started wearing them properly a couple of years ago. They're broken in now and pretty comfortable, so perfect for the winter. I haven't worn them in forever through the summer, but took them on holiday.

I put a little bit of make up on, including a bright pink Clinique lipstick that a friend gave me - I love the pop of pink!

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