Friday, December 10, 2021

What I Wore 27th September

I kept getting adverts for Clash t-shirts for a tenner and eventually I clicked over, but of course they didn't have any in my size. But by then I kind of wanted a Clash t-shirt so I googled for a bigger size one and found one on EMP for under £20 including postage. I ordered it and it arrived about a week later. It is big - it's perhaps a little bit big on me but it's very soft and comfortable a bit oversized so I kept it. But I could have sized down for a more fitted look.

As you'll know, I like to wear my t-shirts tucked into skirts, so when I was heading to work I put the t shirt on and tucked it into my purple Scarlett & Jo skirt. It was a good look I felt! I took the same outfit to wear on holiday the following week.

Of course I now want band t-shirts of all my favourite bands! I chose this one because I love the song Death or Glory so much.

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