Saturday, December 18, 2021

Trip to Morecambe - Day 3

On the Monday of our holiday I had booked for us to have afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel in Morecambe. It is a beautiful Art Deco hotel and I've wanted to go since last time I went to Morecambe. Afternoon tea is a very decent £21 per person so I rang up a few weeks before and booked it. 

We decided to go swimming first and we had the pool to ourselves. We got showered and then headed into Morecambe. I put on some make up and popped some contact lenses in. I was also wearing a new dress from Simply Be that I got recently. It's black with blue heart print and I really like it, except it has a ruffly cuff on the ends of the sleeves which I'm not too keen on - but they're elasticated so I pulled them up to my elbows and let the material sort of bag over the flouncy cuffs. 

It was raining heavily on and off but we ran in and got our seats in the Sun Terrace. It's lovely - one entire glass wall that our seats pointed towards, white linen tablecloths, a really nice atmosphere. Neither of us drink tea so I asked for decaf coffee and Lee asked for a hot chocolate, and the staff member assured us there was no problem in replacing the tea for these. 

I had obviously asked for vegetarian sandwiches and Lee doesn't eat red meat but again this wasn't a problem and our afternoon tea arrived soon after. My selection of sandwich was really nice and Lee enjoyed his. The cakes were SO good! The scones were still warm - one was plain and one was fruit, and there was plenty of clotted cream and jam. I ate both of mine no problem!

The cakes were white chocolate profiterole, mango and chilli posset tart, passion fruit meringue, and chocolate mint cake. I couldn't eat all of mine so brought two back with me. We left around 2.45 - I would recommend the Midland afternoon tea if you're in the area!

The weather had picked up so we drove along to the Eric Morecambe statue as Lee wanted to see it. We both did the pose and read all the stuff that is just below it, which is some of his most famous catchphrases. I tried to get photos but I'm not sure if I was successful. We played in a couple more of the 2p machines and absolutely rinsed one of them, getting loads of prizes, including the blue Mickey Mouse with Russian writing on it (which apparently means 'love'). 

We got back quite early to the caravan and I had a nice lie down and a nap. I didn't sleep very well the whole week actually, I'm not sure why. But we watched The Green Knight in the evening and cooked curry - mine was paneer and cauliflower. I liked The Green Knight - Dev was perfect obviously - but I didn't like how the ending changed from the poem! 

The swimming pool - it wasn't huge but it was warm and it was nice to swim up and down

Ready to go out, wearing some make up!

New Simply Be dress, it's very soft and lovely

A closer look at the heart print

As we left the site there was a lovely rainbow

The hotel in all its glory - this is the car park side obviously and not the side that looks over to the sea

Lee in the terrace

And me! It was quite busy but doesn't look it here

Looking out of the terrace to the bay

And the other way

Delicious cakes

And just look at those scones!

Lovely silver coffee pot and cup - it was really nice

I think Lee took these - more rainbow

And the sea was far out!

I was wearing this bracelet I made myself last year, the blues matched my dress

Standing in the doorway of the hotel

I won this with prize tickets from the arcade machines

On the prom

The Eric statue

Me trying and failing to copy the pose 

And Lee too, this photo is hilarious

Bring me sunshine!

My dad used to say this line a lot

Looking up towards the statue

This is a panorama of "He'll never sell any ice creams going at that speed!" but I'm not sure you can see it well

These pigeon sculptures live near the sculpture and are so cute

This mildly terrifying keyring though!

Here's everything we won, I need to put at least one of them on my keys!

And finally curry. We had it with poppadums and mango chutney

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