Monday, March 28, 2022

Brunch in Leeds

The day after our day out in Leeds, I went back to meet Sam and Jac for brunch. They had stayed over in a hotel, so it seemed ideal. I got the train from Barnsley and met them just before 11. We had a couple of drinks and some lunch together. It feels like forever since I saw them so it was nice to! We went to Banyan just opposite the train station. I've been before for bottomless brunch, but not for ages. 

I had two Wild Strawberry Martinis in the spirit of hair of the dog - they were really nice and not too full of alcohol. To eat I had roast cauliflower Malayan curry which was absolutely gorgeous, I would definitely eat that again! It was spicy and really tasty. 

I was wearing this new dress from Yours, yes again it's more of a summer dress but I just don't care! I love the bardot shoulders and I REALLY love the pattern. It is slightly tight on me but I liked it so much I wore it anyway! 

I liked the flowers that came in my cocktails

Absolutely gorgeous vegetable curry - THIS is how you do vegetarian food

Cloud pattern dress from Yours - I love it

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