Monday, December 5, 2022

Cake Date with Lolly

In the middle of October I went on a cake date with my friend Lolly/Laura. There's a new cake shop in Penistone called Bake Boutique and I knew she would love it. I've driven past it a bunch of times since it opened; it's baby pink and very cute. From their Instagram I knew it was the same inside - full of flowers, charming interiors, very aesthetic. Plus of course the desserts themselves! I really wanted to go. I think it's great that something like this has opened up in Penistone and I hope it's well used. 

I knew Lolly would love it so we arranged a date and I picked her up in Barnsley. When we arrived in Bake Boutique it was about 3pm and was empty, but we took a seat and perused the menu. They have tray bakes, cupcakes and ice cream on the counters - Laura and I both got stuff to take home for later. The menu is pretty big - they have crepes, waffles, cookie dough, bubble waffles, ice cream sundaes, all with tempting arrays of toppings. You can choose your own too if there's nothing else you want! Lolly went for waffles with strawberries and Nutella, and I had chocolate chip cookie dough with strawberries and a Belgian chocolate sauce. It was SO good! I love warm cookie dough. 

More people came in including some kids after school. We got another drink and sat for a while chatting before leaving. It was a lovely cake date!

This is the sign above the rearmost booth, it's very cute

Cookie dough! The chocolate sauce especially was so nice

And here's the cappucino I had a bit later

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