Thursday, December 22, 2022

Yummy Yorkshire and A New Cardigan

On the 13th of November I met up for brunch with my friend Gillian. We hadn't seen each other since July so it was overdue. She really likes going to Yummy Yorkshire which works out well for me because it's only about ten minutes drive away. I was a little bit early so I had an americano while I waited and looked at the menu. They have quite a lot of breakfast options, including some vegetarian ones. 

I went for veggie breakfast and Gillian had bacon, egg, tomato and avocado on toast. The food is really good there. We had another drink each and sat chatting until noon, when they needed the table back. It was lovely to see her! I love Gillian a lot - we have been good friends since we were at 6th form and I appreciate her presence in my life.

When I got home Lee and I went to Asda to buy some Christmas presents and also some new towels as I had a gift card to use. It was quite quick and painless which was good. We chilled out for the rest of the day. 

I had recently seen that Judi Love has a collection at Very - I saw a star print dress that I really liked so I ordered that, the cardigan below, and a purple top. I haven't bought many things off Very but really liked the collection - I like it when plus size collections push the envelope a bit. I am not usually a cardigan person but I love this one. I love the pattern and it's very soft and when I've worn it, it's been really warm too. I definitely will not go unnoticed in it! I wore it with my Libertines t shirt and a Scarlett & Jo skirt that used to be a dress. Perfect winter outfit, I think!

This breakfast was perfect for me!

I liked how the pinks and reds of the cardigan were picked up in the skirt - yes it's a bit clashy but so what!

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