Thursday, December 29, 2022

Lady Maisery and a Craft Workshop with My Mum

In the last week of November I had quite a busy week. On the Monday we went to Chatsworth Christmas market which you've already seen. On the Wednesday I had tickets to see folk trio Lady Maisery in Sheffield. My friend Sarah was going to come but couldn't at the last minute, so Lee came with me. We went to Cutlery Works for tea first, which I haven't been to before but I've heard of it. It's like a food court inside, with several different vendors. We both decided to go for a burger though. Mine was vegan with loaded fries and it was nice. Then I had a cherry Bakewell brownie which was so good! 

We went to Firth Hall for the gig and I had reserved seats at the front so we had a brilliant view. Lady Maisery are all extremely talented multi instrumentalists, and I love the stories they tell about their songs. I had Kickstarted their album, so I took it in to get signed afterwards. It was a really fun gig! 

On the Friday of that week I went to a craft workshop with my mum. It was at A Touch of Craft Yorkshire in Ossett, which I've been to twice before but my mum never has. It was a soap workshop and we booked it absolutely forever ago and were really looking forward to it. She picked me up at 3pm and we first of all headed to Penistone to go to the craft fair which is held annually at St John's church. It's always lovely and I always pick up a few nice presents. We both bought some bits! We then went to Wakefield to get tea before going to the craft workshop.

It was run by Rachael and there were only three of us plus her, which meant we got some brilliant one on one tuition from her. We made three different types of soaps - Himalayan salt and charcoal, snowflake peppermint ones, and some with glitter and snowmen and Christmas trees in. The whole thing was a lot of fun, and we came away with a lot of soap! We wrapped them up nicely before leaving too. I am keeping one of each of what I made and giving the others as gifts for Christmas. 

We went back to my mum's after the workshop and Lee came to pick me up. My mum had bought this cute tealight holder for my stepdad, someone I know at craft club made it! 

Burger and fries - I also had a very nice orange gin

Cherry Bakewell brownie

Lady Maisery during their set

And at the end

Signed CD!

This was all the stuff set out ready to make soap. It was just melt and pour and then add mica and such like - really simple but so much fun!

Himalayan salt and charcoal soap

Wrapped up afterwards

I love these snowflake ones, they're so thick too!

Love the glitter ones too, so much glitter!

Here's everything I made all nicely wrapped up

And finally here's the tealight holder my mum bought

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