Thursday, December 15, 2022

What I Wore November 3rd

On November 3rd Lee and I went out with my mum and stepdad and my boss Lisa and her partner. I've met her new partner before but my mum and stepdad hadn't so I suggested we had a meal out. Lisa suggested the Viceroy in Hemsworth where she lives, so we headed there. They had quite a lot of vegetarian options - I went for paneer pakora and paneer chana balti, and Lee and I shared some rice. It was a lovely night - we'll have to do it again some time!

I wore this new to me dress that I got off Vinted. I've only just been switched on to Vinted after my friends Chloe and Lolly raved about it. I check the Dr Martens for sale and actually got a pair of boots but they've gone to my mum so she can give me them for Christmas, but I am very excited to have them as they're gorgeous! I don't generally check other stuff, but I saw this dress and had to have it. And it was only about £13 with fees and postage! A total bargain!

It's a Scarlett & Jo dress, of the kind I've got a few of. They have a t shirt bodice, a wide elastic waistband, and a big floofy skirt. You might know as well that with a couple of mine I've cut the bodice off for one reason or another and just wear the skirt as a skirt - this works out really well for me and extends the life of the piece of clothing. When I saw this on Vinted I knew that even if the bodice didn't fit me, I could cut it off and wear it as a skirt. The dress is a size smaller than I would normally wear, but I'm fluctuating on sizes at the moment so I thought it probably would fit. And it does!

I love the navy colour and the pattern on the skirt. I'm so glad I saw this, I'll be wearing it lots this winter I think! 

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