Saturday, December 31, 2022

Films of the Month - November

I watched fifteen films in November which was a decent amount. I wonder what my year end tally will be! I never watch many films in December because I'm always so busy. But here we go on November:

Someone had recommended The Edge of Seventeen to me and I liked it. It's a good coming of age film, it reminded me of Booksmart

Lee and I watched Psycho together which I don't think I've ever seen its entirety before. I enjoyed it

I hadn't seen The Truman Show in forever, so Lee and I watched it together. It's very good

Lee wanted to watch Toy Story 4 so we did. I do really like it, I think it's got a strong storyline

I really liked Enola Holmes when I watched it last year, so I was thrilled to see there was a sequel. I highly recommend both films - Millie Bobby Brown is so good and so is the supporting cast. They're fun films

I have seen She's the Man but not for well over a decade, and Buzzfeed reminded me of it, so I watched it by myself one afternoon

Lee wanted to watch something so we went for Captain Marvel which we saw in the cinema when it came out. I love it, it's such a good film even though I'm not really into the MCU films

Everyone on Twitter was recommending Falling for Christmas with Lindsay Lohan so I watched it. It's very typical for a Christmas film but I did like it - there's some very funny bits like when Lindsay is trying to make a bed in the lodge

This is a documentary about a submariner and a journalist that he murdered. It's really interesting and odd

I loved the book The Wonder when I read it a few years ago, but I hadn't realise they'd made a film of it until Netflix recommended it to me! Very exciting! It's set in the mid 1800s in Ireland, with Florence Pugh as a nurse sent to watch a young girl who has supposedly not eaten any food for several months. Tom Burke is in it too as a journalist, and the girl playing the young girl was really good. Florence was perfect. I would really recommend this!

I love Enchanted, but hadn't realised there was a sequel until I kept seeing the adverts, so I watched it. It was okay - fun enough. Amy Adams was still good and I liked the PTA moms

I remembered about Let It Snow which came out three years ago and which is based on a book that I liked. It's a cute YA film

I dunno why I fancied watching the original West Side Story, but I did. I watched it one Saturday afternoon when we weren't doing anything else. I love it so much

Netflix recommended Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich to me. I've watched quite a few things about her and Epstein and find them fascinating. I of course believe the survivors

Finally towards the very end of the month Lee and I watched Die Hard 2, even though Lee insists it's a Christmas film. I said we wouldn't have chance to watch it closer to Christmas. I really like it - I like William Sadler as the bad guy and the storyline

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