Saturday, December 24, 2022

Lunch Out with Helen and a New Top

On the 17th of November I went to Manchester to meet up with my friend Helen. We met on Twitter seven years ago and it turned out to be the sixth anniversary of when we met in person for the first time! So that was quite cute. We had met at Slattery's then, which Helen had never been to. I think we've been at least once since then, and we decided to meet there again this time too. I never mind driving over to Manchester as it's usually quite a nice drive over the tops. However, the rain was quite bad so I decided to go on the M62, and I set off nice and early. I was early enough to be able to wait for a space in the car park, and then have time to do some shopping in the shop downstairs too. I bought some Christmas presents and some bread and a piece of cake for Lee as he'd asked me to. I then went upstairs to the dining room and waited for Helen.

Slattery's does gorgeous savoury food, but I nearly always get the rarebit because it's really lovely. I had garlic mushrooms on top of it too, and one of their gorgeous hot chocolates. Helen had a club sandwich which I think she enjoyed. Then of course we had dessert - why would you bother going to Slattery's otherwise?! I went for the strawberry and marshmallow dippers, which come with two cups of melted chocolate - so good! I ate about half and brought the rest home for later. 

It was raining on the way to Manchester but the motorway was okay, but on the way home it was really bad. I ended up getting off and going through Cleckheaton - not a place I know well and I followed my nose until I got to Heckmondwike, where I know the way home! It took forever - I might have been better staying on the motorway, but who knows. Anyway it didn't really matter because I didn't have anything else to do, and once I did get home I could just get into my pyjamas and relax. It was nice to see Helen! 

I wearing wearing this old Scarlett & Jo skirt that I've had forever, but with it I was wearing this new top from Very, from the Judi Love collection that the cardigan I showed recently was also from. I liked the purple colour and I liked the cut out - I had two tops like this when I was a teenager! I also like the ruching on the sleeves, and the fact that it's long sleeved but still light enough for me to wear wherever. I was also wearing sparkly tights and my new boots. 

Delicious hot chocolate - there's melted chocolate all round the glass, which is filled with hot milk, and you have to mix them together. One is plenty! I tried two once and it was too much!

Rarebit with garlic mushrooms - so good

Helen and me - Helen is a very sunny and funny person and I count myself genuinely privileged to be her friend

Dessert! The chocolate is so delicious

New purple top and purple and blue skirt - don't they look really good together?!

And finally the ruching on the sleeves

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