Monday, August 11, 2014

Blog Every Day in August - Day 11

Today's post for Blog Every Day Month is "What have you been wearing this week?" But I spent a lot of time just at home in super casual clothes that I would NOT post on the blog! So instead I'm showing you a photo from my friend Michelle's birthday.

It was held at a place she works in Manchester which is a beautiful old building which added to the Downton Abbey theme that Michelle had. There was a buffet, a coffee/tea bar, punch, photobooth, photos everywhere, vintage teasets, and lots and lots of people dressed up. If Michelle ever gets fed up of being a youth pastor she could definitely have a future in event planning!

This photo is of four of us who went to 6th form college together and are still friends. Ailsa, the fifth of us, sadly couldn't make the party, but don't the four of us look beautiful?

I'm wearing the Claire Richards for Fashion World prom dress. It's so beautiful but fairly easy to wear.

Left to right - Amy the artistic teacher, Gillian the deep thinker, me, and Michelle the passionate!

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