Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Blog Every Day in August - Day 6

Today's theme is about restaurants and although I could write about some, I never take pictures of food - usually too busy eating it! Instead I want to share some photos of some things I bought at Style XL on Saturday.

Iridescent Jewellery was there and the owner Samantha was such a lovely lady. The jewellery was really my style - statement pieces in gorgeous colours and styles, at reasonable prices too. There was a special offer on - buy one get one half price - which made the prices even more reasonable. Sam also accepted card and had a groovy app on her phone to do it with (as well as a card reader) - as someone who never carries cash this is a godsend!

I got these two pieces for £17. The bracelet was £12 and the ring was £10, but £5 on the half price deal. I think that is pretty good!

This ring is more copper-toned than it appears in this photo. It has 'love' engraved on it. I'm a big fan of things with hearts or the word love on them :) 

It's quite thick, too. It fits on my right ring finger. 

This bracelet has some really pretty bluey greeny beads on it, as well as that gorgeous dove. Sam had already added an extension chain to the bracelet, and had more with her to extend anything that a customer asked for. 

Here's a close up of the dove. It matches my dove tattoo! I love it. 

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