Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wardrobe Tour Part 1

I recently went through all my clothes and got rid of loads of clothes. Some are destined for eBay and some for a clothes swap. I thought you might like to see my wardrobe, my hanging hooks, and my drawers. I'm going to split this into three though, because there's lots of photos!

My wardrobe is a double wardrobe, it has a hanging space and a shelf above which I didn't take photos of but which has painting clothes, my wedding parasol, other stuff like that. The hanging space is FULL. Under the hanging stuff is all bags and shoes.

Okay so this is a photo of the dresses that live in the wardrobe. I tried to put winter dresses in here as it's summer currently, so these are mostly long-sleeved and lesser worn dresses. 

I love to look at other people's dress photos because I like to see which I can recognise! 

These are my skirts. Most of these are handmade, to be honest. I like making sari material into skirts and it's relatively inexpensive. The tartan skirt on the right was made quite recently, by my mum. 

These are the only two pairs of trousers I own. A pair of jeans from Simply Be and a pair of green cords from Crazy Clearance. 

These are my hanging tops. They're mostly for work and stuff. There's a couple of cardigans here too. 

Now this wardrobe is technically Lee's. But he only ever wears t-shirts, so I've taken this over. That purple shirt right on the right belonged to my dad, I liked it so after he died I took it. It's got a couple of his ties around the hanger too, including his Tottenham Hotspur one! (He was a fan for 45 years). Next to the purple shirt is the black shirt that Lee got married into 9 years ago. 

Then there's dresses, more winter ones. Then there's a few jumpers and cardigans, also more suited for the winter. 

That'll do for now, showing you the wardrobes! More next post :) 

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