Monday, August 25, 2014

What I Wore 21st August

21st August was my partner Lee's birthday. He had the day off work (and Friday too, but I'll get to that) so we went to a really nice deli in Mirfield for lunch, then we did a bit of shopping. In the evening we went to Saigon 68 in Sheffield with my mum and stepdad, and some friends. I really recommend the place - it's REALLY amazing food, good prices, and the portions are enormous. They will give you any leftovers for you to eat later.

I had Vietnamese Stir Fried Noodles with Three Roasties meat, it's delicious! Lee and I also shared a portion of salt and pepper fried bean curd. They do have a good vegetarian section - we were eating with two vegans and they had the veggie set meal for £13 each.

I wore this red dress which you've seen before, but I also put on this lace back shrug. I got it in the New Look sale recently for £9.99. The sleeves are a nice length on my elbow and I like that the back would show any interesting details on the clothing underneath.

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