Friday, August 29, 2014

Blog Every Day in August - Day 29

I've had a busy old week. We were away last weekend and we're away this weekend, and in fact I'm busy every weekend until October 18th, which is making me feel ill to be honest! My depression and anxiety mean that I have to factor in a lot of resting.

This weekend we are going to stay with my aunt, uncle, and cousins Rob and Peter. There's twelve years between Rob and I, and 14 between Peter and I, so I've had the privilege of watching them grow from tiny babies to young men. They're both incredibly lovely, so it'll be nice to see them.

We're going swimming tomorrow, I think, and we're taking our Wii U for a Mario Kart tournament or two, and Lee and I have said we'll cook on Sunday so I think we'll do curry with rice and snacks. We're also taking the board game Cranium, which is a lot of fun if you haven't played it!

Here's my list of essentials to take for a weekend away:

NB I do not travel light!

Underwear, inc two bras
Pillow (my black hair means I do not want to dye your pillowcases)
Shoes (one pair)
Two dresses
Casual clothes for relaxing in
A book
My Kindle - maybe I won't like the book so will want to choose something else!
Toiletries of course, including shampoo etc
Black/dark towel (again for the hair)
Dressing gown
Crochet stuff

Yes, that might do!

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