Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Blog Every Day in August - Day 13

I'm doing these days in a slightly different order because of others posts that I've got scheduled or posted. For instance, today is supposed to be 'inside my wardrobe' - well I just posted three posts on exactly that subject!

So instead I'm taking the theme of 'sweet or savoury: discuss' and talking about a sweet thing and a savoury thing that I've enjoyed recently.

Lee and I went to the cinema recently and my favourite thing about the cinema is Tango Ice Blasts!

I only discovered these a couple of years ago but I love them! I like them swirled with the rapsberry and cherry flavours. Lee prefers just raspberry. 

I went into Sainsburys the other day because I was craving chilli, so I needed to pick up turkey mince and the spices etc. In the 'world foods' aisle I found tortilla chips on special offer with dips, so I picked up one called nacho cheese. It's very cheesy and a bit spicy and is yummy with tortilla chips!

I think in fact that it's time for me to go find some lunch - I wonder if there's any left? 

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