Friday, August 15, 2014

Blog Every Day in August - Day 15

Today's theme is "day out". I thought I'd write this post to show you what an ideal day out is for me.

Now, as I live in Barnsley in the middle of the country, the seaside is a long way away and therefore I like to go to the sea. I'm a big believer in this quote:

I love Whitby and Scarborough the most, because I was taken there a lot when I was younger. I like Sandsend, which is a tiny place just up the road from Whitby where you can paddle in the river and eat homemade cake in the little cafe at the end. 

In March Lee took me to South Shields and in April I went to Norfolk with some friends and we sat on two different beaches enjoying the sunshine. In May I went to France on a ferry with my mum and stepdad and we had lunch on the beach and even though it was blowing a gale I loved it. 

Here's some photos of beaches that I've taken:

Take me to the beach, buy me fish and chips, let me have a paddle and take me home with the smell of salt in my hair - happy Rebs!


  1. The beach is a great place to de-stress...I really miss not living by one anymore... Have a happy weekend :)

  2. wow this is so pretty! I have yet to discover the Yorkshire coastline maybe next summer I'll plan a trip :)