Saturday, August 9, 2014

Camping 2014

You may remember that last year I went on my friend Amy's annual camping trip for the first time. My post about it is here. Well this year's trip rolled around and it was just as great as last time! I took my friend Sam, and mine and Amy's friend Gillian also went. There were 20 of us in this campsite on Coniston Water - we had the whole place to ourselves. Now it's real back to basics - 4 compositing toilets, no showers, not even a drinking water tap, just a tap from the stream. I didn't actually mind any of this, but let's just say by the time we had lunch in the pub on Tuesday, we were a mess! Some of these photos aren't in the least bit glamorous.

Down by the fire pit is where we spent a lot of the time when it wasn't raining (which it only did a couple of times). I don't like fire so I was quite content to let other people take charge of it! The gazebo on the right hand side was the kitchen tent :) 

Here you can see me furiously crocheting a blanket that I was trying to finish for a friend. You can see my BFF Sam to my left, she's not often featured on this blog but I adore her! 

Here you can see Sam and me and Gillian in Lake Coniston! It wasn't too cold, it was lovely in fact!

And here you can see Gillian learning to crochet! Amy and I taught her the basics.

All photos were taken by Amy, thank you!

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