Saturday, August 23, 2014

What My Mum Wore

Time for another edition of What My Mum Wore! She's mid 50s, a size 18/20, and seems to enjoy being featured on my blog!

She went away with my stepdad for their wedding anniversary. They got a really good deal on Groupon for a hotel on Haweswater in the Lake District. It must have been quite posh as she had to take posh frocks! This one of them. She originally bought it for the wedding of one of Norman's sisters.

The dress and the cardigan were both from Jacques Vert, where my mum likes to get her posh clothes!
The bag was a gift from my step-aunt, so we're not sure where it's from.

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  1. aw your mam looks so happy! :) nice idea for a post :D