Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wardrobe Tour Part 3

Welcome to the final part of my wardrobe tour! In our bedroom we both have loooots of drawers. I have a chest of three drawers. They're all below.

Lee has a chest of five drawers. As I said before, he only ever wears t-shirts and jeans or shorts, so he needs lots of room for all the t-shirts. But I also have the bottom drawer of his drawers (thanks love!).

We have a big bedroom by the way! It's about 13' square. Our bed is in the corner; there are stairs up to the attic room and our bed is under that. It's really cosy and romantic :)

This drawer is all leggings! There's a little bit of room in here I promise.

On the left are pyjamas bottoms and the rest is all jumpers and cardigans. 

This is my top drawer, all underwear and socks, tights etc. 

This is the drawer in the bottom of Lee's chest of drawers. It's all tops. I roll them so I can see them more easily. 

Finally, here's proof that the room was actually tidy! I tend to sling all my clothes on here and every now and then am forced to tidy. This chair was from a vintage shop; I repainted it and recovered the seat. It matched our old bedroom decor but not this one, I could do with redoing it really. 

I hope you've enjoyed the tour through my wrdrobe! Let me know if you've done one too. 

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